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>> that's madness. >> maybe so, but it's not half as mad as the idea that brought us to this point. >> is there such a thing as a higher dimension, a parallel universe where otherworldly things can happen? ah. over the years, artists, writers, and filmmakers have tried to answer that question, creating some dazzling works of science fiction in the process. but are the higher dimensions we see in sci-fi really fiction? meet maggie, scientist by day and sci-fi fanatic by night. maggie's watching a 1950s film about scientists who invent a device that catapults them into the fourth dimension, where they can walk through walls and read minds. like the rest of us, maggie lives in a three-dimensional world. but she also appears to have an interest in alternate dimensions. in 1940, master sci-fi author robert heinlein wrote the short story "and he built a crooked house." in the story, our hero builds his home from an unfolded four-dimensional hypercube. when an earthquake strikes, the house folds up, creating the world's first four-dimensional house, where occupants can look down a hallway
. - good-bye, everyone. - have a nice trip. whdid you make us put our hands in the air like that ? - i didn't do that. you did. - there's been a big misunderstanding. i can understand why you might have thought that. i'm sorry if i upset you. - oh, no ! jamal ! - too late. where's the flashlight ? here you go. this says to check the circuit box. i'll be right back. "flip switches on left first off and then back on." i know how to do that. try it again. what are all these wires ? beats me. do you mind if i take a look ? do you know anything about electricity ? a little. that's more than we know. jamal hasn't been gone five minutes, and already something breaks. how did you do that ? one of your relay switches is bent, so i repositioned the contacts. of course. simple. thank you. unfortunately, it's only temporary. it will have to be replaced. i'll have jamal fix it as soon as he returns. - our guest here fixed the light for us. - lucky for us. sit, sit. look, i'm sorry about what happened. - you should be. - oh, katherine, it is us who should be
eastern religions to help us understand the experiential dimension. a very interesting class last time on hinduism - some chanting, we talked to a leader of the hare krishna temple about religious experience, achman and brahman being one, the sense of connectedness, working through many different lives, reincarnation in order to find moksha, to find peace. and in this class, we're going to look at buddhism, which believe me, folks we'll be asking buddhism to help us understand the religious experience. but it's an even more fascinating set of answers to profound life questions. maybe one of the most perplexing for the eastern mind is buddhism, and we're going to be going through that today. but to make that all - important segue between hinduism and buddhism, which of course the segue in history is the buddha himself who makes that connection, one of our top students here, janet, was not here last week because she was in a hindu retreat, and i thought i'd ask janet - i know you were there. i'd like to, first of all, get you to do the chant you learned, and tell us a little bit, then, a
the new title pope emeritus. the vatican says he will continue to use his papal title rather than reverting to -- he will also have to change what he wears. the simple white people rope will remain. his ring and the papal seal, they will be destroyed and the new ones will be forged when the next pope is appointed. in a sign of changing times, he will also need to give up his twitter handle. let's speak to barbara. no more tweaking for benedict. i just wonder how much of a tweeter he was. >> not much of one, although he had a lot of followers. 1.5 million or just under 2 million, something like that. he has only tweeted a handful of times. i don't think that was a particular media success as far as the vatican policy goes. hopefully the next pope will also start tweeting again, possibly a bit more frequently. we while, this pope is engaged in his last duty as pontiff, beating the cardinals, really a last goodbye before he leaves the vatican -- meeting the cardinals, really the last goodbye before he leaves the vatican. he will be getting on a helicopter at 4:00 gmt, saying a final
, even though it's good for iron, if we eat too much of anything, it's not going to be good for us. so again, use logic in deciding how you handle your pregnancy. i needn't tell you, i needn't tell anybody that alcohol's not going to be good in pregnancy. i needn't tell anyone that using illicit drugs is not going to be healthy for your pregnancy. because ultimately that baby, if the mom uses regularly enough and in high enough quantity, the baby will become dependent on the drug in the same way that an adult would. in the wall of the lining of the uterus, there's a hormone that plays a very important role in the developing brain. so this is a signal from the mother that plays a role in how the baby's brain develops. so clearly speaking, we're talking about a drug, alcohol, that affects the mother's metabolism, where that signal doesn't get delivered to the fetus to allow normal brain development. in the last five to seven years, the rates have started to climb back up again in terms of women drinking while they're pregnant. it's the more highly educated, the more high income, typicall
i guess we could use it - not lying, not cheating, not stealing... they say chastity, but we can get back to that one later - i think they're talking about moderation there. and in other words - let me give you a modern spin on that, just real quickly, on those kinds of things. if you think of not stealing, and not killing and these kinds of things as prohibitions, i don't think you've even begun to make the ethical understanding. and i like to think of a very common term in the psychological world as manipulation. if you're a person that's given to manipulating other people, that's when you're in- that you look at life like "i'm the center, and anything i can get for myself is okay." once you're there, then you can steal, you can cheat. cheating amazes me, because some say that 90 percent of students in college cheat. you can only cheat if you are in that mode that says you're the center of the universe and you can get something for yourself. so all these prohibitions actually come out of wrong mind set to begin with. yeah, go ahead, janet. >> and this is where the sexual misconduct
? deprived childhood is-- well, most of us have looked at such things, right? let me ask you a question. how strong you suppose that ant is? strong or strong-strong? strong-strong. compared to-- for sure? compared to what? good point. let's suppose this happens, gang. an elephant walks to this door. the elephant is gonna start lifting up logs. a door over here, an ant walks through that's just as big as the elephant, a super ant. this super ant is been-- [makes sounds] --i don't know how it's been done, science fiction, okay? scaled up. and it scaled up, so, that ant-- [makes sounds] --the same size as the elephant. now, they're gonna have a contest to see who can lift a greater load. who are you gonna be betting on? elephant. ants. check your neighbor. is there anyone in here says, "honey, the ant can't even do push ups. the elephant is the one that's the strongest." show of hands. all right. these are my people. these are the people who have read the book. the rest of you guys come in for a free lunch today, right? what's that thing all about, yeah? come on. that ant couldn't make it. the
smokes, a dropped kerchief! that hasn't been used since lily langsley. you'll have to pick it up yourself, madame. it's a shame that he'll never see it. oh, you don't like her either? well, what are you gonna do about it? oh, you just can't stand it anymore, you're leaving. these women don't give you a moment's peace, do they? go soak your head and see if i care! introduce the man and the woman in the beginning of the movie, and then you complicate it for the next 60, 70 minutes, and you know they're gonna get together at the end, but it's fun to watch how they keep missing each other. it's kind of a tough thing, because if you say, "here's a romantic comedy, and i'm trying to keep the tension alive," except the audience comes in, they know who's in it, so they know they're gonna get together. so you always throw in obstacles to keep people apart. (robert zemeckis) the stakes in the story kept getting higher, the reaction the audience has watching these films is "my god, how are they ever gonna get together?" (amy heckerling) you're walking a fine line between having the reason, and with
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8